Christiane Frohmann, Pre-Raphaelite Girls Explain the Internet

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Christiane Frohmann
Pre-Raphaelite Girls Explain the Internet
Kleine Formen*, Vol. 7
Hardcover, 148 p.
Berlin: Frohmann, 2019
Translation: Eric Jarosinski
Editing: Sarah Berger, Asal Dardan
Design: Ursula Steinhoff 
ISBN: 9783947047376
29,90 EUR

The young women gracing the canvases of Pre-Raphaelite painters strike the viewer as attractive yet eerily soulless. As “beautiful corpses” they embody the feminine ideal of the late 19th century. Christiane Frohmann comes to them from the future, bringing these Pre-Raphaelite girls to life with their wry observations on digital culture in the present. 

“Amazing! Images for our time!” (David Wagner)

CHRISTIANE FROHMANN studied literature and philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin and Yale. Today she is a publisher and author, speaker and seminar instructor on digital culture, and active participant in efforts to make sure the Internet remains a free and beautiful place to be.

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