Gregor Weichbrodt, Dictionary of non-notable Artists

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Gregor Weichbrodt
Dictionary of non-notable Artists
Paperback, 132 pages
Berlin: Frohmann 2016
Design: 0x0a
ISBN: 9783944195421
EUR 12
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Every day, people on Wikipedia nominate articles for deletion and discuss whether they should remain in the encyclopedia or not. It is done on a sub page called Articles for deletion. A frequent reason for exclusion of an entry is non-notability. After I had a look at those discussions, the article about my own person, Gregor Weichbrodt, ironically became nominated for deletion from the German Wikipedia, too. The anonymous person that put me on the list wrote Completely misses notability criteria for authors. Unsatisfying notability criteria for artists too. I wrote a Python script to download the contents of every articles for deletion-page from the past ten years and filter the results by artistic occupation. I saw that I was not alone in my fate and that there were many more non-notable artists in this world who also failed to meet the notability criteria. This book is dedicated to these artists.

»Eine brutal banale Sammlung auf den ersten Blick, informationsfrei, redundant. Tatsächlich aber ein Buch voller Fragen. Und womöglich mit Schicksalen so vollgepackt wie eine griechische Tragödie.« – blitzkunst

Gregor Weichbrodt  is part of the text collective 0x0a


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